Temporary accommodation

On this page you can fin hostels, Bed & Breakfasts, platforms, and tourist sites that provide a wide variety of temporary accommodation options in Utrecht and surrounding towns and cities. Please note that they have not been verified or approved by the university, this a referral service only.

Affordable temporary offers book up fast

Costs for Temporary housing

Always make sure to book well in advance, as most affordable options will be fully booked at the beginning of the semester. Typically, the costs of temporary accommodations are non-refundable, even if you leave before the end of the stay - for example because you found a more permanent place to stay. It is advisable to take extra budget into account in case you are confronted with double housing costs.  

UU student discounts

15% discount Bunk Hotel Utrecht

Bunk hotel offers UU students a 15% discount to bookings for their pod accommodations in Utrecht. Type the discount code UTRUNI during your booking on the Bunk website. This code is not valid in combination with other deals or promotions. 

10% discount Stayokay Utrecht 

Stayokay Utrecht City Centre offers a discount of 10% to UU students for regular bookings. Simply type in discount the code UU during your booking on the Stayokay website. This code is not valid in combination with other deals or promotions. 

City registration

Note that not all (temporary) accommodation allows you to register at the municipality. For more information on City registration, see the page about City registration.