Housing providers, agencies & platforms

On this page you can find links to agencies, platforms and housing providers. The available offers and the housing advertised on the platforms and pages linked to are not checked by Utrecht University. This is a referral service only. You must come to an agreement in direct contact with the housing provider without interference of Utrecht University.

Housing providers

In the Utrecht region there are several commercial and social housing providers. If available, they offer housing on their portals, through a lottery or waiting list system.

  • Lottery or direct booking

    Some housing providers work with a direct booking portal or a lottery system in the case they have an offer available. We advise you to regularly check their websites for availability and to also include other locations besides Utrecht. 


  • Application form

    Some (smaller) housing providers ask you to fill out an application form. In the case a room becomes available they contact a candidate from their list. It is not guaranteed that you will be contacted, as there are usually numerous candidates.  

  • Waiting list 

    There are years-long waiting lists for social (student) housing. For SSH Long Stay, the waiting time ranges from 24 to over 30 months. On Woningnet you can apply for social (family) homes if you meet the requirements, but only after a considerate waiting period of 10+ years. 

Housing platforms and agencies

The largest share of student housing in Utrecht is provided by private home-owners. Most of these housing offers are posted on platforms by the landlord or existing tenants.

Spread your chances as much as possible!

Agencies, landlords and tenants often have numerous candidates when you respond to an offer. Make sure to spread your chances and take note of these do's and dont's

Avoid scams and fake offers

Unfortunately, some people will try to take advantage of the high demand for housing. Learn more on how to avoid scams.