Health insurance

Dutch law requires that everyone living in the Netherlands has adequate health insurance. This means you need to take out an adequate health insurance policy before you come to the Netherlands.

If you are applying for a Utrecht University bachelor’s or master’s programme, your insurance must cover at least the first twelve months of your stay. If you are an exchange student, your health insurance must cover at least your official exchange period at Utrecht University in the Netherlands.

Please note that the start date of the insurance cover needs to be 1 September 2023. You are advised to ensure that the cover starts earlier if you will arrive in the Netherlands before 1 September, although this is not mandatory for the visa/residence permit application.


  • Your health insurance must cover the full cost of your medical expenses. This means there must be no limit to the amount that will be covered for e.g. a doctor’s visit or hospitalisation.
  • If the social security or welfare system in your own country provides insurance cover, check whether there is a reciprocal agreement between your country and the Netherlands for health insurance. Make sure your health insurance covers the Dutch tariffs, as medical costs are (very) high!
  • Make sure you always carry proof of your health insurance cover with you in the Netherlands. You will need it whenever you use healthcare services here.
  • If you have any special health issues or disabilities, there are a number of companies that specialise in suitable healthcare insurance for international students. Please check with the different healthcare providers if they cover your specific healthcare needs and if they will cover any medications you need.

You can read more about healthcare in the Netherlands and the right to healthcare during a temporary stay on the Zilveren Kruis website

Working whilst studying?

If you have a (part time) job, you are required to take out a Dutch basisverzekering (basic health insurance policy). If you do not have this, you risk being fined and will have to pay the insurance premium retroactively. Please note that an internship paying more than €150 a month or €1500 a year may qualify as a job and may require you to take out a Dutch basisverzekering policy as well (please contact us if this might be the case).

We have a partnership with Aon Student Insurance. This insurance provider has a lot of experience with international students and also offers a Basic Healthcare Insurance policy. Due to their experience with international students, they offer the option of switching back to an Aon student insurance policy quickly as soon as you are no longer required to have a basic health insurance policy. This means you are not obliged to continue paying for the whole year.

Please note that if you take out Dutch basic health insurance, you may be eligible for compensation for your insurance premiums. This compensation is called healthcare benefit or healthcare allowance (zorgtoeslag). You can read more about healthcare allowance and how to apply on the Rijksoverheid (Dutch Government) website.

Health & Safety

We hope that you will enjoy your stay in the Netherlands without any health or safety problems. This will most likely be the case. However, should you need any medical assistance or emergency services (ambulance, police or fire brigade), our student website contains some useful information for students.