SSH Long Stay

SSH is the largest student housing foundation in Utrecht. Next to SSH Short Stay, which is furnished housing for internationals, SSH also offers Long Stay housing to Dutch and Internationals between the ages 16 and 27.

Waiting time

The waiting time for SSH Long Stay ranges from 24 to over 30 months, depending on the time of the year and the popularity of the location. For more information please watch this video by SSH.

Attending a viewing

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When you respond to a room on the SSH Website, only the top ten candidates with the longest registration time are invited to a viewing. This viewing is usually in group form, followed by a vote of the current tenants. This is called ‘hospiteren’. 

Register now!

If you are a degree seeking student or PhD-candidate planning to stay in Utrecht for a year or more, we recommend you to register with SSH Long Stay as soon as possible to build registration time. It is possible to register prior to your admission process.