Learning Dutch

Getting to know (the) Dutch

Get to know Utrecht while learning Dutch! The Getting to know (the) Dutch course has been specially designed for international students who will start their studies at Utrecht University this coming semester.

This online beginners’ course in Dutch offers you the opportunity to learn the basics of the language by completing fun interactive exercises. The aim of the course is very practical: to provide you with language skills you can use right away when you arrive, as well as during your stay. How do you order a coffee? What do cashiers say to you in the supermarket? What do those signs at the train station actually mean?

While you are learning the four skills – listening, reading, writing and speaking – you are also finding out about practical matters related to Dutch culture and the city of Utrecht, including how to use Dutch public transport and where to go out in Utrecht. Are you ready to get to know (the) Dutch? 

Sign ups will be back online soon!

Other courses

  • ESN Utrecht and Career Services have set up a Dutch language course. Basic proficiency in Dutch will help you in your daily life and is essential if you are considering a career in the Netherlands. Our course costs just €8 and is very practically orientated. You will learn some useful words and sentences about a different theme every week.
  • The International Neighbour group offers Dutch lessons in two semesters: from October to February and from March to July. The lessons are 90 – 120 minutes a week and take place in the evening in the city centre. The courses are taught by passionate volunteers and don't just aim to teach you the basics of the Dutch language, but also to fulfil a social function.
  • Babel offers Dutch language courses for people with a higher educational background, including summer courses.