Housing Budget

The average rent in Utrecht is higher than in most other towns and cities in the Netherlands, and may also be higher than in your home country. Anticipate the average rent for student accommodation in Utrecht before your arrival as well as the additional costs and fees.

Average costs reserved accommodation

Returning costs

Monthly rent private or shared room: €500 - €705

Monthly rent studio: €730 - €1.100

Yearly Municipal taxes: €350 - €400 


One time costs / fees

Registration fee:  €0 - €50

Booking/contract/administration costs: €81 - €175

Down payment / deposit: €600 - €1.100

End-cleaning fee: Variable

Average costs private market housing

Returning costs

Monthly rent private room: €500 - €800

Monthly rent studio: €700 - €1.200

Monthly rent apartment: €1.500 - €2.000* 

Yearly Municipal taxes: €350 - €400 

Subscription costs platforms: variable

*This type of housing is usually not available to students. Read more about typical Dutch student housing.


One time costs / fees

Booking, administration or contract fee: €100 – €200

Agency / search assignment fee: Up to a month's rent

Down payment / deposit: 1 to 2 months rent

Additional costs: Flooring, curtains, a bed and other furniture 

Being able to afford the costs does not guarantee you the accommodation

Affordable options are scarce

Because of the high demand, all housing rents out quick. Especially offers with lower rent are popular and scarcely available. You usually also need to meet several conditions for an offer. So, even if you can afford the costs, this does not guarantee that you can reserve the accommodation.

Increased energy costs

The Netherlands has seen a steep increase of energy costs in the past year. Because of the current high costs, the mandatory service fees that you pay in addition to your rent can be significantly higher than in previous years. 

Costs, fees and requirements

When calculating your housing budget there are several costs and fees you should take in account. Below you can find more information about costs and requirements.

Legal advice

Are you in doubt about the legitimacy of a fee, a rent increase, the calculation of your service costs, or other matters regarding your contract? There are several free legal aid offices that you can contact for advice.