Peer Observation Scheme for Lecturers

Lecturing is quite an individual job, what happens in the classroom, stays in the classroom. To improve your teaching you could either follow a programme or ask for educational advice. Or you could ask a fellow lecturer to observe your teaching, for example with help of CAT’s new Peer Tutoring Scheme.

In the Peer Observation Scheme, two lecturers observe each other’s teaching practice. The scheme is intended for lecturers to learn from both observing and being observed. The participants of the scheme will be guided on observing as well as how to handle received feedback for the quality of education. Feedback, discussion and reflection on these observations aim for improving student learning. With this scheme we facilitate the peer observation process by connecting and training lectures to observe each other, give and receive feedback and to reflect on their teaching skills. The scheme is meant for all lecturers; starting as well as (more) experienced lecturers. You can now subscribe for the scheme!

Learning outcomes

After the scheme you:

  • are able to observe a colleague, with a focus on specific elements of teaching;
  • are able to give and ask for constructive feedback;
  • are able to reflect on received feedback and select opportunities for enhancing your teaching skills.


The scheme consists of three plenary meetings. During these meetings, teachers will be introduced to different observation methods, advised about ways to create a safe learning environment and guided by taking up actions after receiving feedback.

The scheme takes place in period 3 and 4 of 2019-2020, between 18 February and 12 May. Therefore, one of the conditions for participation is that you teach in period 3 and/or 4, so your teaching can be observed. All forms of teaching can work: individual guidance of students, tutoring, lectures, seminars and so forth.

18 Feb 2020                         Kick-off meeting (divide in couples)

19 Feb – 16 Mar                  Peer observation (to be planned by the two lecturers):        

  • Pre-observation meeting A
  • Observation A: lecturer I observes lecturer II
  • Post-observation meeting A

17 Mar 2020                        Meeting 2

18 Mar – 11 May                  Peer observation: (to be planned by the two lecturers):

  • Pre-observation meeting B
  • Observation B: lecturer II observes lecturer I          
  • Post-observation meeting B

12 May 2020                         Meeting 3 & evaluation

Application & more information

Please contact the Centre for Academic Teaching for more information. If you want to subscribe, please let us know by sending an email with the subject ‘Peer Observation Scheme’ to, stating:

  • At which faculty you work;
  • Whether you teach in period 3 and/or period 4;
  • Whether you are available on 18 February, 17 March and 12 May.

The deadline for subscribing for this cohort is 1 February 2020.