Peer Observation Programme for Lecturers

Observing a peer made me think of why I believe something is good or bad teaching. So, it made my values and preferences more explicit.

Tamara Muliaditan-de Koning, deelnemer POP 2021-2022

Would you like to take a look at another teacher's work? Or would you like another teacher to observe you in order to provide feedback? This is possible with the Peer Observation programme! 

During the Peer Observation programme, you observe each other while teaching. Experience shows that observing is at least as instructive as being observed. Several participants shared their experiences on our lecturer community TAUU.

The programme consists of three meetings and multiple observation sessions. The meetings focus on how and what to observe, how to give and receive feedback and how to reflect on your personal development as a lecturer. There is also time to exchange experiences. During the first meeting, pairs of lecturers are made to observe each other. In a pre- and post-observation meeting you discuss what you have seen. Subsequently, you question each other on intention, conviction, motives and qualities in order to delve more deeply into personal development. The programme is rounded off with a final discussion in which the programme is evaluated.

The Peer Observation programma is intended for all lecturers: from beginners to more experienced lecturers from all disciplines. The diversity contributes to the learning outcome.

Learning outcomes

After the scheme you:

  • are able to observe a colleague, with a focus on specific elements of teaching;
  • have practiced giving and receiving feedback.
  • can reflect on yourself as a lecturer by analysing your own experiences (and those of others).
  • have insight into your own development as a lecturer.


The programme takes place in block 2 and 3 of academic year 2023-2024. One of the conditions for participation is that the lecturers are teaching when the programme is running, so that this teaching can be observed. This may involve all kinds of teaching: individual coaching, tutor meetings, working lectures, lectures, etc. The programme is structured as follows (exact data will follow):

Thursday 23 November 2023 - 13:00-16:30

Meeting 1 (4 hours):
Kick off meeting (and dividing in couples)

24 November 2023 - 14 February 2024

Peer observations in pairs, round 1:
With a pre-observation meeting and a post-observation meeting

Thursday 15 February 2024 - 13:00-16:30

Meeting 2 (4 hours): 
Exchange and diving deeper

16 February - 15 May 2024

Peer observations in pairs, round 2:
With a pre-observation meeting and a post-observation meeting

Thursday 16 May 2024 - 13:00-16:30

Meeting 3 (4 hours):
Exchange and diving deeper

May 2024

Final interviews in pairs

Application and more information

You can register for the programme via this link. For more information, please contact the Centre for Academic Teaching and Learning; with the mention of Peer Observation programme.