Financial means

For the visa/residence permit application, you need to prove that you have sufficient financial means. The IND is very strict about the proof of financial means. It is important that your financial documents meet all the requirements, otherwise the IND will not grant your residence permit.

Sufficient financial means

The IND requires proof that you can financially support yourself during your stay in the Netherlands. The IND has set a minimum monthly amount that students need to live. This takes into account average housing costs and living expenses. The minimum amount is €935 a month.

For the residence permit application, you will need to prove in advance that you have sufficient financial means for the first twelve months of your stay (for exchange students, this is the official period of your exchange at Utrecht University). For Utrecht University degree students, this is in addition to the money needed to pay the tuition fee. This means you need to prove that you have a minimum of 12 x €935 = €11,220 available and that you have not used this money to pay your tuition fee.

The full amount must be in your bank account in advance. For example, a bank statement showing a balance of €10,000 and an e-mail telling us you will get the other €1,220 in July will not be accepted by the IND.

There are three ways to prove you have sufficient financial means

  1. Scholarship
  2. You have your own financial means
  3. You have a sponsor who does not live in the Netherlands

It is possible to combine funds from 1, 2 and 3. Please note that someone living in the Netherlands cannot act as your sponsor.

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Important note for Chinese students

For Chinese students, the IND does not accept Certificates of Deposit as proof of financial means. Please visit the payment explanation page for more information.