Training electives (Senior) University Teaching Qualification

Elective courses (additional training) can be followed in the (Senior) University Teaching Qualification programmes. Most elective courses are open to all UU lecturers. In order to develop towards your basic or senior teaching qualification, it is important to apply what you have learned in the elective courses to your teaching practice and to reflect on the knowledge and skills you have acquired.

One-off activities & independently undertaken

Below is an overview of various types of activities that fit into a (Senior) University Teaching Qualification trajectory as elective components. Lecturers can follow such activities or initiate and organise them themselves. The list is not endless: lecturers can consult with their tutor and suggest other activities.

Webinars and workshops

There are regular workshops and webinars on, for example, peer feedback, interactive teaching, intercultural competences or inclusion. Some focus on peer interaction between teachers, others provide (educational) tools for teaching. The sessions are accessible here in the 'agenda'.


Every two years (in January and June), we organise the Strengthen-your-education-week with webinars, inspiration sessions and lectures. Read more about it here.

Onderwijsparade (Education Parade)

Every year in March, the Education Parade takes place: the UU education conference with a relevant theme. Read more about it here.

Utrecht Scholarship of Teaching and Learning conference

The U-SoTL conference takes place annually. Here, lecturers learn how they can systematically analyse and improve their own teaching. Teachers also share posters of completed educational research here. Read more about this here.

TLL Autumn Festival 2021

Every year in November, the Autumn Festival takes place online and in the Teaching and Learning Lab (TLL). The conference focuses on educational innovation using technology. Read more about this here.

Special Interest Groups

SIGs are groups of teachers interested in the same theme, for example 'motivation', 'entrepreneurship education' or 'co-creation'. View all SIGs and their meetings here.

Online development offer

Following an online module on elements of giving or designing university education can be a supplement to the training followed for the (Senior) University Teaching Qualification trajectory. An overview of online modules for UU lecturers can be found here. There are, for example, modules about online assessments, the use of knowledge clips, challenge-based learning, and redesigning teaching to enhance learning.

Exchange and collaboration outside the UU

Teacher mobility offers the opportunity to find inspiration elsewhere, to increase one's own knowledge, to share experiences and to network. See various opportunities for exchange and cooperation across university borders, for example the Erasmus+ teaching mobility programme.

Short development paths

Various short development paths are extremely relevant to (Senior) University Teaching Qualification lecturers.

In the field of teaching:

In the area of guiding students (tutoring and academic skills):

In the field of education design, quality assurance and education research:

Also take a look at the offer for lecturers on the intranet, in the UU Development Guide.