Utrecht University attaches great importance to educational quality, educational innovation and teacher development and is therefore the first university in the Netherlands to introduce the University Teaching Qualification (UTQ, in Dutch BKO). A UTQ helps lecturers reflect on their own teaching practice, with a focus on professional development. In addition to the UTQ, UU has a Senior Teaching Qualification (STQ, in Dutch SKO) for senior academics. A lecturer with a UTQ can be entrusted with a course and a lecturer with a STQ with a curriculum.

In principle, the route to achieving a teaching qualification consists of drawing up and implementing a development document, teaching followed by feedback and reflection, attending training courses, having conversations with a tutor, drawing up a portfolio and assessment of the portfolio by a faculty committee.

UTQ route and training course

In a regular UTQ route, teachers provide education on which they regularly reflect and recieve feedback. In addition, they attend training courses, have conversations with a tutor, and draw up a development document and a portfolio. The portfolio will be tested by a committee. By obtaining a UTQ, a teacher lays a foundation for further development in the field of education.

The training offer for UTQ candidates consists of core modules (or an apprenticeship) and electives. The core modules focus on teaching delivery, feedback and assessment, and educational design. It varies per faculty whether teachers follow an apprenticeship or individual core modules – see faculty information on intranet (Login with Solis-ID), where you can find contact information for your faculty. Read more on the university UTQ apprenticeship and the elective offer (additional training) for UTQ and STQ candidates.

UTQ part certificate

Utrecht University encourages each employee to develop themselves. Ph.D. students, postdocs and temporary teachers who have insufficient (different) educational tasks to obtain a UTQ can, in consultation with their supervisor, obtain a part certificate ‘Education Implementation’. Especially for starting teachers, the route 'Start to Teach' was developed.

STQ route and training course

An STQ route is for more experienced teachers. In principle, it includes the same components as the UTQ route (teaching delivery, feedback, drawing up a development document and a portfolio), but is less formally arranged. Candidates can follow optional training. Below you can read more about the possibilities for STQ candidates:

  • Optional training
  • The meetings 'From UTQ to STQ' are recommended for STQ teachers. These meetings explore what seniority means and are a stimulus for reflecting and writing the STQ portfolio.
  • Ultimately, training courses that fit the level of the experienced teacher can be followed, like modules on quality care, educational leadership and scholarly teaching
  • In addition, while writing the STQ portfolio, you can use the collection of tips & tricks that are created by teachers for teachers.

More information 

For more information, check out (Senior) University Teaching Qualification on intranet (login with Solis-ID). Here you can find all faculty pages with contact information for any questions. Lecturers from the UMCU can go to the UMCU website or mail to docentprofessionalisering@umcutrecht.nl.