Advice and support

Are you as a teacher looking for opportunities to examine your teaching or could you use support in doing so?

How do I research my own teaching?

Exploring your own teaching is explained step-by-step in the Utrecht Roadmap for Teaching Innovation and Scholarship. You can also go through the ten steps from this roadmap in the e-module 'Your teaching under a magnifying glass'.

Educational research as an expertise can help develop yourself as an academic. This can be supported by participating in the Educational Research Training Programme or an appointment as Senior Fellow.

Where can I exchange experiences with other teachers about educational research?

There are several activities during which teachers exchange experiences about educational research. You can actively contribute to these or participate as an observer. Examples are the regular meetings of the Special interest Group SoTL and the annual Utrecht Scholarship for Teaching and Learning conference.

How am I supported in examining my teaching?

Teachers at UU and UMC can apply for a SoTL grant that helps them research their teaching, for example by funding data collection or educational science advice. Teachers can apply for projects with a maximum budget of €5000.

Teachers can also request a professional consultation to discuss their educational research ideas with an educational expert.

For more information on these support options, contact Other ideas that can support teachers are also welcome.