Granted SoTL projects

The Utrecht University Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) Grant aims to stimulate and support teachers that want to conduct such a systematic and meaningful inquiry of their own teaching practice. Teachers are invited to examine their own classroom practice, improve the learning of their students, record their successes and failures, and importantly also share their experiences so that others may reflect on their findings. The SOTL Grants are intended for all teachers, starting and more experienced, and you can apply for small (e.g. one lecture or seminar) and somewhat larger (e.g. a whole course or significant part of a course) projects that you are involved in. 

Please read more about the SoTL grants here.

Granted projects so far:

Designing a sustainable Lesson Study approach to training Teaching Assistants

By Roald Verhoeff from the faculty of Science

Student perception of own competencies in pharmacology and pharmacotherapy

By Rahul Pandit from the faculty of Medicine

Re-development of communicating science with the public - Investigating the optimal balance between on- an offline teaching based on focus group research

By Frans van Dam from the faculty of Science

Critical thinking in the humanities: co-creating intended learning outcomes

By Merel van Goch from the faculty of Humanities

Tools to facilitate collaboration in undergraduate interdisciplinary student teams

By Rianne van Lambalgen from the faculty of Humanities

It’s very relevant! Choices within interdisciplinary education on societal issues

By Carlijn van den Boomen from the faculty of Social and Behavioural sciences

Big data in statistics for student teachers

By Michiel Doorman from the faculty of Science

The Development of Moral and Ethical Reasoning in the Law Curriculum

By Emanuel van Dongen from the faculty of Law, Economics and Governance

Modelling and Evaluating the Teaching of Creative and Professional Writing to Dutch students

By Els Stronks from the faculty of Humanities

Student’s perceptions of interactions and social climate within a First Year Learning Community

By Jet van der Zijden from the faculty of Science

The Team Diagnostic Survey as a way to help student teams thrive!

By Frédérique Purnot en Tom Frijns from the faculty of Social and Behavioural sciences

Virtual exchanges in the foreign language classroom: towards intercultural awareness in the learning process.

By Silvia Canto from the faculty of Humanities

Crashing into Interdisciplinarity?

By Jan Pieter Beetz from the faculty of Law, Economics and Governance

Training research skills: how does designing vs. conducting research add to students’ overall insight in biomedical research principles?

By Janine Geerling from the faculty of Medicine

Pleading in Virtual Reality: improving student experience and student learning

By Emanuel van Dongen from the faculty of Law, Economics and Governance

Get ready to dissect: Using a mobile learning application to improve students’ factual anatomy knowledge level as preparation for the dissection class. 

By Bo van Leeuwen from the faculty of Veterinary Medicine

The Effect of Focused Interventions on LL.M. Students’ Academic Legal Writing Self-Efficacy Perceptions in a Legal Writing Support Program

By Jessica Dorsey from the faculty of Law, Economics and Governance

Annually, the Utrecht SoTL Conference is organized, during which academic teachers in all disciplines are welcome to present studies of their scholarly approaches of teaching. These presentations might be inspiring to read as well. Please find the book of abstracts of the conference here: 2019, 2020