Funding deadlines

This overview of funding deadlines helps academic staff find their way in suitable funding opportunities. 

If you need advice in selecting the right funding programme or guidance with writing a proposal, please contact the Centre for Academic Teaching and Learning (CAT). Send an e-mail to or come see us at the CAT at Bolognalaan 101.

Internal UU funds

FundCall for proposals expectedDeadline 1st round expectedBudget rangeSpecific  themeOrganised by
Utrecht Education Incentive Fund - interfaculty projectsJuneOctober85.000 - 250.000Interfacultary; themes differ each yearCAT
Utrecht Education Incentive Fund - Consolidation projectsJanuaryMarch5.000 - 50.000Sustainability of innovation projectsCAT
Utrecht Education Incentive Fund - faculty projectsDiffers for each facultyFebruaryDiffers for each facultyDiffers for each facultyFaculties
Development Continuing EducationContinuousContinuousMax. 50% of development costsDevelopment of education for professionalsContinuing Education Programme
Call for Interdisciplinary Education projectsAutumnJanuary10.000 - 50.000Development of interdisciplinary educationInterdisciplinary Education Programme
Honours Innovation FundJuneOctober5.000 - 15.000 UU Honours College
Institutions for Open Societies: kick-start for interdisciplinary educational initiativesContinuousContinuousMax. 10.000Interdisciplinary Education ideas related to IOSInstitutions for Open Societies (IOS)
Institutions for Open Societies: Continuing EducationContinuousContinuousMax. 10.000Development of programmes for professionals related to IOSInstitutions for Open Sciences (IOS)
CAT innovation projectContinuousContinuousLicence costsImplementation of educational toolsCAT
SoTL GrantsContinuous30 September, 31 January, 31 MayMax. 5.000Scholarship of Teaching and LearningCAT
UU Stimulation Fund Diversity and InclusionContinuousContinuousMax. 5.000Equality, Diversity, and InclusionEDI Office
Support fund CELContinuous1 November, 1 MayMax. 4.000Community Engaged LearningProgramme Community Engaged Learning
Subsidy International Knowledge Sharing CELContinuousContinuousMax. 1.000International travel expenses for CEL conferencesProgramme Community Engaged Learning
Educational Resources Pool   Educational expertiseO&T, via faculties or linked to other applications

External funds

FundCall for Proposals expectedDeadline 1st round expectedBudget rangeSpecific themesOrganised by
EWUU alliance seed fundContinuous1 March, 1 July

10.000 - 50.000

Collaboration with alliance institutions on the topics Health, Food, Energy and Circular Life.EWUU
Comenius Programme Teaching FellowsAugustSeptember45.000 - 50.000Educational innovations at course levelNRO
Comenius Progamme Senior FellowsAugustSeptember90.000 - 100.000Educational innovation at programme of faculty levelNRO
Comenius Programme Leadership FellowsAugustSeptember450.000 - 500.000Educational innovations at faculty or institutional levelNRO
Virtual International Collaborations 1 February - 29 February; 30 August - 30 September15.000Virtual international collaborations in teachingMinistry of Education, via DUS-I