Educational Games & Play

Educational Games & Play is about the use of play in an educational context for the purposes of learning and development. When learning becomes a playful experience students will be intrinsically motivated to be engaged in their education on multiple levels (i.e., affective, behavioral, cognitive and sociocultural). An experience that can have a positive effect on their cognitive development and learning.

So, do you want to make learning more engaging and exciting for students and for yourself? Or think that there is more to learn from your course?  Educational Games & Play might be useful for you! With help from our educational consultants you can design a custom board game (relatively easy), find a game or play that has already shown it’s worth (relative effective), or work together with computer science students to design your own digital game (relatively time consuming). Whatever the game or play you choose it’s all about capturing your students' attention and make learning a fun and interactive experience. From math to history, for every subject it’s possible to design a game or add game-based or playful features that will help your students retain information better, develop critical thinking skills, learn how to collaborate, and/or apply what they have been learning.

Interested in game-based learning, gamification or playful learning? Contact CAT Teaching Support for more information or educational consultation or sign up for our SIG here.