Higher Education Research

Higher education is changing fast these days, and it's got to keep up with shifts happening in society. Therefore, Utrecht Universiy’s programmes are more and more interdisciplinary, flexible and connected to society. Focus area HER connects all research on higher education being done at UU. By connecting researchers from different disciplines, we aim offer a knowledge base on higher education, so educational adaptions can build on the already existing knowledge about education.

At Utrecht University we use research to spark innovation. Our higher education research field is formed by theoretical and fundamental knowledge from the discipline of educational sciences as well as highly context-specific research within the various faculties. We have chairs spread out across all our faculties, with a strong focus on education but still deeply rooted in their respective subjects. To gain a comprehensive understanding of education, we aim to combine both approaches and bring together various disciplinary perspectives on higher education.

Enhancing collaboration and improving visibility

In this focus area, researchers from Utrecht University team up to shine a brighter spotlight on higher education. We invests in network events to bring researchers together, disseminate higher education research outcomes and findings, provides information about research grants to enhance collaborative research projects, and offer support (e.g., methodological) to do educational research. 

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