Discipline Based Educational Research

Knowledge about education can be gained and applied in a variety of ways. In addition to teachers researching their own teaching (Scholarship of Teaching and Learning) and educational science, educational knowledge is gained within various disciplines. These discipline-based didactics are also known as Discipline Based Educational Research.

Typically, DBER is closely tied to the discipline, for example, to methods, paradigms and knowledge from the research discipline. Thus, the acquired educational science knowledge contributes to the insights on how to convey the specific discipline. In addition, insights from DBER contribute to generic educational science knowledge,

A typical DBER research question is: The Script Concordance test: a new tool to assess the reflective clinician

Utrecht University has many research groups that focus on education. Some of them come from educational sciences, others are embedded in the faculty and focus on subject didactics. An overview of professors with education as their focus area can be found here. The Higher Education Research focus area facilitates exchange between different education researchers. other support options can be found in the bar on the left side of this page.