The Centre for Academic Teaching and Learning (CAT) brings together a range of partners, each with its own scope, home base, expertise and organisational approach to activities. Here, they join forces and complement each other. It actively supports partner initiatives as needed and organises activities for the network as a whole.

As a network, the CAT is open to all initiatives that share any or all of its four aims, whether organised at the faculty or university level, or bottom-up by the teaching community. At the institutional level, the CAT represents the joint faculties and teaching community in strategy discussions and nationally and internationally.

Within the CAT, an extensive team with many different areas of expertise works on the organisation of activities, execution of projects, developments within education and support for teachers. With regard to the strategic direction and content of activities, the CAT is advised by an Advisory Board.

Team CAT
Advisory Board

Every year, the CAT publishes an annual report, outlining what went on during the year.

Annual report