Esther van der Sluis BA

Administrative Assistant

Centre for Academic Teaching & Learning (CAT)

I work within Educational Scholarship, which involves engagement in the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) and the research focus area of Higher Education Research, specifically dealing with grant applications and the organization of events and conferences.


Universiteiten van Nederland (UNL) - Interuniversitaire Commissie Lerarenopleidingen (ICL)

In the context of 'Bestuursakkoord Flexibilisering Lerarenopleidingen', I work within the team surrouncing academic teachers, focusing on the connection between UNL and ICL concerning the university approach to addressing the teacher shortage in the Netherlands. In this role, I provide support in organizing thematic sessions, conferences and other meetings, as well as documenting meeting proceedings.


MA Multilingualism and Language Acquisition

With my background in BA Linguistics and minors in Dutch Sign Language (NGT) and Educational Sciences, I am now specializing further in the field of Multilingualism and Language Acquisition at Utrecht University.