Our beautiful campus has a wide range of facilities for study and leisure. Students may also use additional facilities at Utrecht University. 

Academic facilities 

Virtually all classes and most other educational activities take place on the international campus. Each academic building contains areas for individual or small group work. A wireless network is available throughout campus. The educational buildings are equipped with computer areas with educational and creative software. This software can also be used freely on students' personal computers using MyWorkplace.

All academic buildings are wheelchair accessible.

The so-called Quiet Area in Voltaire Hall is a spacious area for study, where you will also find frequently consulted books, international journals and magazines.

A psychology lab allows students to perform experiments and conduct analysis, while professional microscopes are available for molecular-biological research. As part of the HiSPARC project there are two cosmic ray detectors on top of the Dining Hall. HiSPARC is a country-wide network of detectors for measuring high energy cosmic radiation. 

The Writing & Skills Centre assesses language skills of students and offers remedial teaching and testing.

Off-campus, Utrecht University offers excellent research facilities that our students actively make use of, for example the laboratories of the Faculty of Science. All students have access to the University Libraries as well as the online catalogues.

Guest lectures and research projects at the academic hospital UMC give an added dimension to medical courses at University College Utrecht.

Recreational facilities

The academic buildings have lounges, used for informal meetings and extra-curricular lectures. The campus has its own music and arts rooms, an indoor sports centre and further sports facilities such as a fully lit tennis/football court, volleyball court, basketball court, table tennis table and foosball table. Furthermore, we have a Drama room, which is used for performance arts courses, but also for dance classes organised by students. 

The UCSA College Bar, run by students, is a prime location for social gatherings. Mark your calendar: Thursday night, party night.  

The Meditation Room offers a moment for reflection and contemplation to those seeking a spiritual time out.

Outside of the campus, the Utrecht University sports centre Olympos offers football teams, fitness, aerobics classes, tennis courts, squash halls, and more.

Parnassos is the cultural center of Utrecht University, and offers courses in music, dance, photography, writing, drama and expressive arts. 

Our students have also free access to the University Museum and the beautiful Botanic Gardens of Utrecht University.