After your study

You graduate from University College Utrecht with an internationally recognised Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree, which gives a solid basis to your next step. 

Our graduates enrol smoothly in a further study: nearly nine out of ten graduates apply to a Master’s programme. The choices of the remaining group vary from a PhD position or yet another Bachelor’s programme to a gap year, an internship or a job. 

About 40% of the graduates who continue with a Master’s programme do so internationally, mainly in the United Kingdom and the United States. About the half of graduates who stay in the Netherlands, find a fitting Master’s programme at Utrecht University. 

University College Utrecht taught me to look at an issue from multiple perspectives.

Specific Master’s requirements 

Due to our broad curriculum, which ensure them good academic skills, our graduates catch up easily with any additional course work that may be needed to enrol in some Master’s programmes.

A very limited number of Master’s programmes, such as Dutch Law and Psychology, demand a specific Bachelor’s degree and will not admit our graduates without extra training. However, those who aspire to a career in Medicine have a good chance to be admitted to Utrecht University’s medical Master’s programme SUMMA.

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