Scholarship Procedure

The UCU Fund allocates scholarships for one year, with the expectation that they continue into subsequent years provided the recipient meets ongoing academic performance criteria. In terms of selection, there is a clear separation of the admissions procedure and the scholarship allocation process.

General conditions

Scholarship applicants need to make a strong financial case in order to be awarded a scholarship. 

The total amount available for scholarships is limited.

On a yearly basis, at least one full scholarship (covering tuition and campus fees) is granted. All other scholarships are awarded in the form of a (partial) fee waiver, never exceeding € 12,500.00. Only newly admitted candidates are eligible for scholarships; currently enrolled students are not considered. 

The following criteria apply:

All international applicants can also apply for a scholarship, non-EEA and EEA scholarship applicants are considered equally. Please note that applications for Financial Aid are reviewed firstly on a monetary needs basis. There are limited funds, so unfortunately we cannot offer all applicants a grant. Criteria for making a grant include family income and other resources available to the applicant.

A limited number of applicants with the Dutch nationality, who are the first in their household to enter Higher Education, and who demonstrate financial need in the application process, can also be considered for a UCU scholarship.


Students who have indicated a financial need on their application form can upload all relevant documents together with their application. The deadline for completing the form is together with the application deadline; for Spring enrolment 15 September,  and for Fall enrolment 1 January. Applicants need to clearly indicate the financial resources they have available, not including potential (i.e. unpredictable) income from summer or part-time jobs.


Completed Financial Aid Application forms will be passed to the Scholarship Committee for needs assessment after the student has been admitted. 


The final decisions will be made by the Scholarship Committee. Decisions will be need-based with the intention of offering scholarships to as many applicants as possible.


The final decision will be communicated to the applicant in a separate letter (from the admissions decision) by the Admissions Officer. All scholarships will be in the form of tuition waivers and/or deductions of other UCU fees only. The award letter clearly states the amount awarded, which will be waived from the total amount on the UCU invoice. 

Students who receive a scholarship and begin studies at UCU are at expected to inform the administration (by speaking with the Student Life Officer) about any positive improvements in their personal financial situation after the start of their studies. This will help the institution better understand the ongoing needs of all scholarship recipients, and to make any appropriate adjustments to reflect those needs (in partnership with the students themselves).