Campus life

The vibrant international campus is the nexus of College life. Students are encouraged to take part in a wide array of social and cultural activities, organised by more than 40 student clubs and committees. They all come from different backgrounds but share the experience of living and studying together.

All first and second year students and most of third year students live and study on campus. The main building is College Hall, where the staff works. The classrooms are in three lecture halls, called Locke, Newton and Voltaire, each with designated study areas and rooms for tutors and lecturers.

The campus has a restaurant and a café, social and cultural areas for students, a meditation room, and sports facilities. As University College Utrecht is part of Utrecht University, students may also use the University sports centre and other facilities.

An Overview of our Facilities

Students live in residence halls that spread over the campus. Each hall is divided into units for 6 to 12 students. Within the mixed-gender units, students have their private rooms and share a living-room, kitchen and one or more bathrooms.

Student Associations

The University College Student Association (UCSA) strives to enrich the non-academic life of all students with social and cultural activities. It consists of 40 committees and clubs that organise activities, workshops, performances, parties and trips throughout the year.

The year on the Board has given direction for my future.

The UC Student Council is an elected body that represents the students’ opinion in all academic, governance, and policy matters. The six Council members work together with teachers, staff members, and students on improving the quality of education at University College Utrecht.

Civic Engagement

The Town and Gown team connects the University College to the city of Utrecht.

All students are encouraged to engage with our local, regional and national communities, as well as those further afield. Some forms of engagement are:

●  Town and Gown is an initiative that strives to promote global citizenship through civic engagement and strengthen the relationship between the University College and the city of Utrecht. If you are a civil society organisation or otherwise interested in collaborating, please contact Town and Gown, email:

●  The Cultural Cookery is an annual event in which students voluntarily take total management of a restaurant in Utrecht. The profit of the income is donated to a charity.

●  Enactus builds new social enterprises with external parties, both locally and abroad.