Our education

The classical model of Liberal Arts and Sciences is the core of our educational system. You learn to think critically and to employ multiple perspectives by studying different subjects from the Humanities, Social Sciences and Science. At University College Utrecht, you learn to grapple with complicated issues that matter in today’s world.

As a University College Utrecht student, you write papers, give presentations, engage in debate, work on assignments in small groups, analyse data and learn the essential academic competencies for good research. You also receive feedback from your teachers and classmates and are encouraged to reflect on your own progress. This helps you keep on improving your academic skills and levels of understanding.

Studying at University College Utrecht requires good planning and frequent decision making. You have four classes every semester and each class has deadlines for reading assignments, presentations and papers. Your personal tutor advises you in how to plan your study programme and make the right choices for your curriculum.

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After graduation

After graduation, the vast majority (90%) of students continue with a Master’s programme either at Utrecht University or at another Dutch university, or abroad, often in the United Kingdom or in the United States. Nearly a quarter goes on to pursue a Doctorate degree.

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