Welcome to University College Utrecht!
James Kennedy
UCU offers an academic education in the spirit of liberal arts and sciences.

At UCU, students and teachers are eager to excel in a small-scale educational setting. Students have great freedom to develop an individual course of studies under the guidance of a personal tutor. This allows them to express their individual talents to the very best of their abilities, and that is precisely what we expect of them.But UCU is more. It is an international community of students from all over the world that resides on a beautiful campus. Thus a UCU education extends well beyond its academic content. Our students shape this precious community themselves, creating many formative experiences and establishing valuable, often lasting relations in the process. 

The university is renowned for its wide scope of high-quality academic activities. UCU students have access to excellent scientists, as their teachers or supervisors, in almost any field of study and research. So, when they graduate, our students have also delved deeply into a couple of specific fields. As a result of all this our graduates find their way to the most reputed graduate schools worldwide or make their mark in international professional organizations, companies, or government institutions. As a UCU student you are automatically a UU student, so all its opportunities and benefits are there for you as well. 

The city of Utrecht is a cosmopolitan, yet very pleasant and not overwhelming city, very much defined by its student population. If UCU appears exactly right for you, we invite you to apply. We will consider your application very seriously, and hope to be able to welcome you as a member of our community.