Dean's Welcome

Dear student,

University College Utrecht welcomes students who are driven by curiosity and courage to explore new paths. Our educational approach is inspired by the Aristotelian notion of learning as freeing us to apply ourselves to a greater purpose than ourselves.

Dean James Kennedy

Our students follow their unique interests. They get time and space to find out what it is that they love studying most. University College Utrecht gives them an unprecedented chance to make their own choice of subjects. No two students have an identical curriculum.

We give our students individual attention. Each student has a personal tutor who guides the student through his or her unique course of study. As we are part of Utrecht University, students have access to all its facilities, as well as to its research faculty, many of whom teach at the college. 

At University College Utrecht, students learn for life

On our beautiful campus, students and teachers form a true community. The social life is very active – there are over 40 student clubs on campus – while students are also extremely motivated to get the most out of their academic study. They graduate with a raft of friends who hail from all parts of the world, contributing to a transformative international experience that most of our students feel.

As a result of our distinctive education, graduates find their way to the most reputed graduate schools worldwide or make their mark in international professional organisations, companies, or government institutions. Research shows that following your own passions is the best path for future success, and University College Utrecht offers precisely this kind of education in the most stimulating of environments.


James Kennedy