Dean's Welcome

Dean Susan te Pas

Dear student,

Welcome to University College Utrecht!

Like educational institutions all over the world, we are facing an unpreceded situation due to the coronavirus outbreak and the subsequent necessary measures. We are committed to ensure residential life and education as much as is possible within the Dutch government and Utrecht University institutional regulations.

We especially welcome our new incoming students to join our community. It is our ambition to make University College Utrecht an inclusive and stimulating place to learn. This is a time of experimenting, and it will ask for flexibility from all students, teachers and other staff members alike. We hope that you will share in our innovative spirit and are determined to make the best of your time at the College.

Our former students often tell us that what they remember best from their time at the College is exactly that will to innovate, the curiosity and exploring mindset shared by all. Not without certain nostalgia, many also remember our vibrant campus as a place where they found friends for life. As teachers and tutors we are committed to helping you discover your own individual path. We do our best to allow you time and space to find out what it is that you enjoy studying most. There are no two students with exactly the same curriculum. We believe that our individual approach is more than worth it – in terms of a true, deep involvement and love for learning that will guide you further in life, whether it be in the academia or in professional life.

This is not an easy time for any of us, but at the same time we see here an opportunity to rediscover the pioneering spirit that guided the start of the College more than twenty years ago. I am convinced that you will feel the same.



Susan te Pas, Dean