Dean's Welcome

Welcome to University College Utrecht!
James Kennedy
At UCU, students are free to explore their own unique interests and passions.

University College Utrecht is a school that enables a student to choose her or his own path. This kind of education stands out in an educational field that still compels students to choose one field, or to work within a narrow set of subjects or to focus on a specific theme. At UCU, students are free to explore their own unique interests and passions.

This kind of climate is good for students who have little idea about which subjects interest them most. They get the time and space to explore what it is that they love studying most. And it is also good for students who know exactly what they want to do, as it gives them an unprecedented chance to create their own course of study.

Students do all of this in a small-scale setting where the average class size is about twenty students, where there is plenty of time for discussion and individual attention. Each student has a personal tutor who guides the student through his or her unique course of study. And although the college itself is small-scale – only around 700 students at any one time – it is part of the Universiteit Utrecht, giving students access to all of its facilities, as well as to its research faculty, many of whom teach at the college. UCU students thus have access to excellent scientists, as their teachers or supervisors, in almost any field of study and research.

Two additional factors stick out. In the first place, University College Utrecht has its own beautiful campus in an alluring medieval city, offering all students residential living and full opportunities to learn from and socialize with each other. Over 40 student clubs enrich a dynamic and varied student life. The annual student musical, for example, is a huge event, made possible by enthusiastic singers and non-singers alike.

Second, University College Utrecht is a truly international community. About half the students are Dutch, the other half coming from about 70 different countries. About half of our students go on exchange while at UCU, without any rise to their tuition costs. Students graduate from UCU with a raft of friends who hail from all parts of the world, contributing to a transformative international experience that most of our students feel.

As a result of UCU’s distinctive education, our graduates find their way to the most reputed graduate schools worldwide or make their mark in international professional organizations, companies, or government institutions. Seen this way, UCU is a good investment for the long run. Research shows that following your own passions is the best path for future success, and University College Utrecht offers precisely this kind of education in the most stimulating of environments.