Gifts from alumni, students and other sponsors greatly contribute to the success of our Liberal Arts and Sciences vision of education and help us secure the international character and the diversity of our student population at University College Utrecht.

The UCU Fund is a Named Fund under the umbrella of the Utrecht University Fund. The UCU Fund comprises all University College Utrecht’s scholarship and fundraising activities. Choose the option to support us that fits your interests and priorities best.

Why donate?

A Liberal Arts and Sciences vision of education only thrives if its participants consist of persons representing a wide variety of cultural and socio-economic backgrounds. Many high-potential candidates work hard for a place at University College Utrecht, but with ever-rising living and study costs, they may feel that they simply cannot afford an education at the college. By donating to the UCU Fund you can have a direct positive impact on the life of a future student.

UCU Fund Advisory Committee

The UCU Fund Advisory Committee is responsible for overseeing the allocation of financial resources from the UCU Fund and advising the Board of the Utrecht University Fund about the selection of scholarship recipients. The Advisory Committee consists of Director of Education, Financial Controller, Scholarhship Officer, staff representative, a UCU alumnus and an External Advisor.

More information and advice

For more information and advice, please contact UCU Alumni Relations and Development Officer, Kim Donaldson at


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