Parnassos is the cultural centre of Utrecht University. At Parnassos you can attend courses and workshops, visit concerts, and use the facilities that Parnassos offers.

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    • USKO | Inaugural concert

      The USKO will perform in TivoliVredenburg on the 2nd of June. There they will have an inaugural concert for their new chest organ.
    • Dekoor | Perspective

      On 25 June 2022, music group Dekoor will be performing in TivoliVredenburg again! Throughout the evening, you will experience different cultures, techniques, styles and movements, from Bulgarian folk music to jazzy big band.
    • USKO | Hohe Messe

      After two years, the Bach cycle will be resumed and USKO's decades-old tradition will be reinstated! Admire them in TivoliVredenburg.
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