May 2017

Join the UCAA board

The University College Alumni Association (UCAA) is looking for new board members!

Do you want to have a say in how alumni affairs are run? Do you want to expand your own network? Do you want to play a role in UCAA’s transition into a fully-grown alumni association? Then join the UCAA board! We are looking for three new board members for the positions of Chair, Secretary and Public Relations Officer.

The Chair acts as the representative and face of the Association at key UCU events and occasions, and through regular meetings with College Hall. The chair develops and implements the strategy for the upcoming years and supervises the board.

The Secretary is in charge of managing the website and our Facebook page. Additionally, the secretary coordinates the activities of the UCAA with Utrecht University, the UCSA and ASC.

The Public Relations Officer is in charge of social media, advertising, and management of our online platforms. The PR officer works on the new UCAA blog, advertises the association, and creates new kinds of relationships with external parties and alumni. For this position, having some web design experience and know-how is preferred.

Being a UCAA board member is a voluntary position – we all dedicate a few hours a week to the association, as well as some evenings for board meetings and various other events. We also participate in various UCU events, such as graduations, and get the opportunity to work closely with both alumni and UCU staff. We get the chance to help the alumni community grow closer together and undertake increasingly cooler projects and pursuits.

The operations of the UCAA take place largely in Utrecht, therefore we are looking for a Netherlands based alumnus or alumna, but living in Utrecht itself is not a requirement.

If you are interested in any of these positions, please e-mail us at with your CV and a short paragraph describing your motivation for your preferred position.

Co-financing of UCU alumni initiatives

Do you have a wonderful idea for an event that brings together UCU alumni and current students? Then it might be good to keep in mind that UCU has reserved a modest budget for supporting new and innovative alumni initiatives that foster interaction between alumni and students. Funding requests for alumni initiatives can be submitted by all members of the UCU community (students, alumni, staff and teachers). The activity should have a clear added value for both the alumni and the students involved. Only requests for co-financing  up to a maximum of €500 will be considered, meaning other resources must be available for funding the event. The grant is intended primarily to cover necessary material costs, personnel expenses cannot be reimbursed.

For a full list of criteria for co-financing requests of alumni initiatives, and the application form, please contact Judith Hoogmoed, Alumni and Development Officer.

Rosemary Orr Scholarship Fund

After Rosemary Orr, senior lecturer at UCU, passed away in November 2016, a group of alumni came up with the idea to set up a scholarship fund in her name. The Rosemary Orr Scholarship Fund was established to provide financial assistance to students that have demonstrated perseverance and leadership amidst adversity. It gives special consideration to students who value education and take an active role in creating inclusive communities.

Through the financial support of students, the scholarship committee intends to honour the memory of dr. Rosemary Orr and her passion for enabling hardworking and determined students that use their leadership, creativity and humour to create diverse and inclusive communities.

Help us support new generations of students! We are welcoming donations for scholarships for students starting their education at UCU in the academic year 2018-2019! Click here to go to the fundraising page.

April 2017

Joint UC alumni survey  - Pre-announcement

This year, the Dutch university colleges will conduct the very first joint UC Alumni Survey. Alumni of all UC’s will be invited to take part in the general survey to reflect on their education and provide information on topics such as the further education they pursued and employment situation. For alumni of University College Utrecht, this entails that the joint UC alumni survey replaces the biennial UCU Alumni Survey that was scheduled to take place in 2017 as well.

The Dutch UC’s have decided to perform a joint survey because, in addition to gaining valuable insights into the life and career paths of the alumni of the individual colleges, it will enable them to compare the inter-UC results and detect trends and differences within the Dutch UC alumni populations.

The last UCU alumni survey was held in the winter of 2015-2016. Approximately 600 UCU alumni completed the questionnaire, a response rate of around 22%. The main outcomes of that survey demonstrated that:

  • Further education Over 90% of the UCU alumni continued to pursue a degree after completing their programme at  UCU. The majority of recent graduates continue their education in the Netherlands (70%). The UK is by far the second most popular destination for UCU alumni to continue their studies (25%)
  • Connection to the Master programme The number of alumni doing premasters has dropped slightly, and most of the respondents (87%) indicated they didn’t need to complete extra academic work, a pre-master or another Bachelor for their preferred continued path of education.
  • Satisfaction with UCU education Alumni are very positive on the academic skills and quality of education at UCU. They generally felt well prepared for their future education. 90% of the respondents would, in retrospect, choose to study at UCU again.
  • Employment The largest sectors of employment of UCU alumni remain Research (28,5%), General Management and Policy Making (18%) and Education (17%). There was a significant increase in jobs in Communication (14.9%).
  • Alumni events Overall, alumni reported enthusiasm for a general and social UCU ‘homecoming event’, and reported interest in smaller, themed events, that could offer them networking, skills and training, or other benefits. Respondents also indicated they are interested in local, smaller events in their cities or countries of residence.

The launch of the upcoming joint UC alumni survey is scheduled later this year. Alumni will receive an invitation to take the survey by email. We encourage all UCU alumni to participate. Knowing more about where our alumni end up, and how your look back on your time at UCU, is extremely valuable and can help up improve UCU’s education and services!

UCU Futures Centre Alumni Support

Did you know young UCU alumni in need of career related advice are welcome to turn to the Futures Centre for help?

The UCU Futures Centre was established in 2016 and serves as a hub for a wide range of information, advice and guidance on internships, further study, employability, CVs, alumni connections and the labour market.

The Futures Centre offers its services to UCU students from the first semester to young alumni up to 3 years after graduation. So do not hesitate to visit us in case you need career related advice even after you’ve left UCU’s campus! Alumni may turn to us for assistance on matters such as:

  • Choosing a master’s programme after a gap year
  • A CV check or job application advice
  • Networking tips
  • Taking the next step/moving on from your first job

Don’t need any career advice? Why not give some yourself? We are regularly looking for alumni who are interested  in coming back to UCU to talk to current students about their pathway after graduation, or hosting a visit to their workplace by a small group of UCU students. If this sounds interesting to you, please drop us a line!

More information on the UCU Futures Centre can be found on our website.