Maite Vermeulen and Frank Westerman at the Mostar Bridge
5 January 2018
UCU alumna Maite Vermeulen (class of 2009) will be appearing on television as presenter of the new KRO-NCRV television show ‘De Brug’.
Cover for 'Verraad' by Wouter Helders ('05)
8 December 2017
The book ‘Verraad’ by UCU alumnus Wouter Helders (class of ’05) has been shortlisted for the Thrillzone award for best Dutch thriller of 2017.
26 November 2017
This year, 61 talented students of 43 different nationalities were able to study at UCU thanks to the financial support from the UCU Scholarship Fund!
26 November 2017
Alumni of all UC’s in the Netherlands have been invited to take part in a joint survey and reflect on their UC education.
UCU Alumni at the first Homecoming
26 November 2017
On 3 and 4 November 2017, alumni from University College Utrecht returned to campus for the first UCU Homecoming.