Alumni News


13 November 2018
The Acquisition Committee is organizing a Scholarship Fundraising Dinner for companies and organisations in the Academiegebouw, Utrecht.
13 November 2018
With the establishment of the UCU Fund earlier his year, our fundraising and scholarship procedures have become more professional and transparent.
13 November 2018
In February 2019, the Academic Student Council (ASC, formerly ASIC) of 2018-2019 will host a two part event called Life After The Bubble.
29 October 2018
On 13 October 2018, University College Utrecht welcomed 50 alumni who graduated in 2003, 2008 and 2013, back on campus for a Homecoming party.
20 September 2018
As autumn draws near, the UCAA reflects on the recent summer visit back to campus during the annual Graduation BBQ.