About us

University College Utrecht is part of Utrecht University. It was founded in 1998, as the first university college in the Netherlands. We offer a three-year bachelor programme in Liberal Arts and Sciences. All students live on our residential campus.

University College Utrecht is modelled broadly on American college campuses: all buildings are located together on our historic site, including student accommodation, classrooms, social facilities and staff offices. Our students are selected against criteria which highlight their academic and extra-curricular potential.

At University College Utrecht, students are strongly encouraged to take active roles both on and off the campus, whether it be organizing student activities, volunteering in the local neighborhood, participating in cultural or academic workshops, or playing sports. A unique spirit of community and participation at University College Utrecht means that students learn, develop and enjoy life both inside the classroom and outside it.

All students graduate with a degree from Utrecht University, either a Bachelor of Science or a Bachelor of Arts.

Find out more about the curriculum, admissions and campus life or read the University College Utrecht Strategy document 2015-2019.

Documentary about 20 years University College Utrecht by Abigail Prade

Active Learning

Learning is at the center of our education. Teaching is supposed to facilitate learning. The small-scale and interactive class format creates optimal opportunity for learning. Students write papers, give presentations, lead discussions about reading materials, engage in debate, work on assignments in small groups, analyze data and so on. They receive feedback on their work in order to improve their academic skills and levels of understanding.

In addition to these classroom activities students read course books and other materials and take examinations. Studying at University College Utrecht requires good planning; students have four classes every semester and each has deadlines for reading assignments, presentations and papers. Every student has a personal tutor available for help if they encounter problems in study planning.

Not University College Utrecht: School of Liberal Arts

Please note: University College Utrecht offers a traditional Liberal Arts and Sciences curriculum. Utrecht University also offers a non-residential Liberal Arts and Sciences program, the School of Liberal Arts, that is not affiliated with University College Utrecht.