Entry Requirements

Candidates must fit a general profile and meet a set of minimum requirements regarding their diploma and English proficiency to be accepted. The same assessment criteria hold for all students and are applied fairly and impartially.

Student Profile

Applicants must demonstrate that they fit a general profile in line with the educational philosophy of University College Utrecht:

  • Academic potential and curiosity
  • Ambition and motivation, academically as well as professionally 
  • Broad intellectual orientation
  • Interest in contributing to campus life
  • Social engagement
  • Affinity with living and studying in an international and diverse environment

Applicants must have a Dutch high school diploma at VWO level (any profile) or a foreign equivalent. If you have already obtained your diploma, you are required to provide a scan. If not, we require an officially signed and stamped statement from your high school.

Read more about the diploma and grade transcript requirements.

Grade Transcript

If you have not yet passed your exams, you will have to submit an official copy of your latest report card. If the documents are not in Dutch, English, German, Spanish or French, you must provide an official English translation. Please note that we do not accept predicted grades.

Read more about the diploma and grade transcript requirements.

Proof of English Proficiency

English is the official language at University College Utrecht. Applicants are required to demonstrate proof of proficiency. For your application to be considered, all documents, including proof of your English proficiency and your reference letters, must be uploaded before the application deadline (see Admission Procedure for Degree students). To treat all candidates equally, we cannot make exceptions. Your English proficiency results need to be in form of an official certificate or you need to authorize UCU to verify your results online. Incomplete applications cannot be considered and will be rendered inactive.

Please check whether you need to provide proof of English proficiency and to see which tests are accepted.

Recommendation from an Academic Referee

We require you to have at least one academic referee. An academic referee is a former or current teacher of yours, who knows you in a classroom setting.

Next to your academic referee, you can have two more referees who know you closely, for example your school counsellor, your employer or supervisor from work. 

Contact your teacher(s) and invite them to give their references for your university application. At the very beginning of your online application process we will ask for the contact details of your referee. After you have submitted these details, the Admissions office will be in touch with your teacher(s) for filling our reference form for you. The referee(s) will be sent a standardised recommendation form, which they will return to us confidentially. It is your responsibility to ensure that the recommendation forms are submitted before the deadline. 

Motivation Letter

Please state in your own words why you would like to study at University College Utrecht. Answer in any case the following questions:

  • Why do you want to study at a Liberal Arts and Sciences college?
  • What combination(s) of fields or subjects would you be interested in, and why?
  • How do you see your role as a student at this residential college?

Your motivation letter should be 500 words at maximum.

Proof of Identity

We require you to upload a scan of your valid ID card or passport. Make sure that you have a valid identification for each nationality you disclose in your application profile. The copy of the passport and ID card must correspond with the nationalities that you fill out.