Shortened Programme

Applicants who have completed course work at a university can apply for a shortened programme. You can transfer 30 or 60 ECTS (1 or 2 semesters of course work).

Requests are subject to individual assessment by and approval of the Board of Examination, based on the courses completed and the proposed area of studies at University College Utrecht..

Note that not all university course work can automatically be considered for the shortened programme. The Dutch educational system differs from many other educational systems, and in some cases this means that university course work is required to be admitted to a Dutch university in the first place.

Application for the shortened programme goes through the regular application process. This means, that you must follow our regular application procedure and apply for the first year, since it would be your first year studying at University College Utrecht. After you have accepted our offer of admissions, you will be able to start your shortened programme procedure, approximately 2 months prior to the start of the study programme.

Please note that you should not apply for an advanced year when applying in Studielink.