Equality, Diversity & Inclusion

University College Utrecht strives to be a place where everyone, students and employees, feel at home.

While University College Utrecht already is highly diverse with regard to the range of nationalities it encompasses, this has not yet been as effectively achieved with regard to ethnic, racial, socio-economic, and religious diversity and with regard to physical, mental and emotional disability. The College recognises that the full promise of a liberal education lies in the college becoming a place where inquisitive and gifted students of all backgrounds can prosper.

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Aligned with the university-wide Equality, Diversity & Inclusion programme, University College Utrecht ascribes to the following goals:

  • Facilitate the cultivation and exchange of knowledge that makes our community more aware of racist, gendered, sexual, socio-economic, religious/secular and ableist discriminatory structures, practices and behaviors;
  • Engage the community in efforts to ‘decolonize’ the College, by attending to the role of colonialism in shaping modern arts and sciences, as well as implementing innovative decolonial courses, projects and events;
  • Expand the diversity of the student body (ethnic, socio-economic, philosophical, religious, physical ability and mental health as pledged in our mission) and improve minority, first-generation and non-Western student recruitment and support measures e.g. by partnering with Dutch schools and other societal organisations and scholarships for students in financial need;
  • Expand the diversity of academic and support staff by systematising the recruitment and hiring policy.

Diversity Commitee

The Diversity Committee is a permanent advisory body at University College Utrecht. It advises on and collaborates with various college bodies (such as the Board of Studies, Admissions and Recruitment office, Management Team) on issues of equality, diversity and inclusion. In carrying out this advising role, the Diversity Committee is consulting with student bodies, specific social committees, as well as informal student and alumni networks. The Diversity Committee represents University College Utrecht in the Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Steering Committee. The Diversity Committee can be contacted at ucu.diversitycom@uu.nl.

For more information about the members and activities of the Diversity Committee please visit the Diversity Committee page.