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Students graduating from UCU automatically become member of the University College Alumni Association (UCAA). The UCAA works in close collaboration with UCU's Alumni Officer, Judith Hoogmoed. UCAA board consists of UCU graduates and works at preserving the connection between alumni and the college.

The UCAA regularly organizes activities, such as the annual Career Conference, drinks at UCU and on location, reunions and more. UCAA keeps alumni informed on the whereabouts of their fellow alumni and interesting events with newsletters and the alumni magazine Post (formerly known as QuaQuaVersal). Post has an online counterpart, called Talking Post.

All UCU alumni have access to AlumniWeb, the Utrecht University alumni database (in Dutch). This is where you can update your address information. The information in the database is used for all UCU and UU mailings to alumni, so if you want to stay connected, make sure your data is up-to-date.

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