Recognition and Rewards

At UU, we recognize everyone's contribution to the organization and to our shared goals. All employees work together toward the mission and goals of Utrecht University (UU). This means we work together across functions, departments and disciplines. We are working towards a better world. Our contributions to this goal vary but all our contributions are important. 

Recognition and rewards is not only about how we have set up our organization but also about the way we work. It is about team spirit and cooperation, development and (personal) leadership. Sometimes it's about recognition in the form of the next career step. But more often it is about the way we work together. Employees that are seen for their efforts and that are given room to develop themselves.

New vision on recognition and rewards

Read the new vision on rewards and recognition here. 

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We want to provide room to recognize and reward teams and individuals, with consideration for the diversity of our work and its outcomes. The strict division into academic staff (WP) and support and administrative staff (OBP) does not fit with this approach. Therefore, starting from the 2023/24 academic year, we will work from a single perspective: we see all staff as employees of the university, university staff (UP).

In these videos, colleagues share how they work on Recognition & Rewards every day.

In practice, this is going to mean that we will collaborate more often as UP (think project groups or UU's training offerings); that we will rely more often on your role or expertise that you bring to a particular context rather than your formal position. The possibility of positions with part scientific and part other tasks (think research IT, analytical laboratory work or teaching innovation) is going to be better facilitated by the UU.

Conversation guide

To help teams put recognition and appreciation into practice, UU developed this conversation guide.

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