Work-life balance

Twee UU-medewerkers in gesprek

At Utrecht University, you can organise your work in such a way as to achieve an appropriate work-life balance, regardless of whether you work full-time or part-time. The university also offers a number of specific leave arrangements.

Flexibel work schedule

According to the Collective Labour Agreement, a full-time position requires an average of 38 working hours per week, and yields 232 leave hours. You can also choose to work according to a schedule based on 40 working hours on a full-time basis, which allows for an additional 96 leave hours per year. Do you prefer to work shorter working weeks may opt to adhere to a 36 hour schedule on a fill-time basis, you consequently return 96 leave hours per year. All in all, plenty of opportunities in order to provide a healthy work-life balance.

Utrecht University has various leave arrangements, including:

Pre-maternity and maternity leave

You are entitled to 16 weeks of pre-maternity and maternity leave in total. The starting date of the pre-maternity leave depends on the expected date of delivery. You can take pre-maternity leave 4 to 6 weeks before the expected due date. The maternity leave lasts at least ten weeks. The length of the actual leave period depends on the date the baby is born.

Parental leave

In addition to maternity leave, you are also entitled to parental leave, provided that this is taken before your child is eight years of age. The parental leave entitlement is 13 weeks of partially (62.5%) paid leave and 13 weeks of unpaid leave.

Partner leave

As a partner, you are also entitled to leave. This applies to the following types of leave:

  • Birth leave
    Your are allowed to take up the number of leave days reasonably required during the time of childbirth.
  • Partner leave
    In addition to the birth leave, you are entitled to partner leave equal to once your number of working hours per week. So, if you work for example 32 hours a week, you will be entitled to 32 hours of partner leave. Partner leave can be taken in the first 4 weeks following the delivery date. Your salary will continue to be paid throughout your partner leave. You can choose to take this leave all at once or to spread it out. 
  • Unpaid parental leave
    You can also take up three days of unpaid parental leave. These three days will be deducted when you will take up parental leave at a later stage.
Care leave

In the event of a seriously ill partner, parent or child, needing nursing or care at home, you are also entitled to take care leave. Partial salaries will continue to be paid during at least 2 working weeks per 12 months.

Long-term paid leave

Through participation in salary saving schemes, you can save up for long-term (partially) paid leave (sabbatical).

Employees Utrecht University

Employees of the university can find extensive information about leave arrangements on the intranet page Practical matters, topic Working hours and leave (login required).