Senior Teaching Qualification (SKO)

Professionals volgen onderwijs aan de universiteit

After the Basic Teaching Qualification (BKO) academic teachers can develop themselves further by obtaining a Senior Teaching Qualification (SKO). 

Senior Teaching Qualification (SKO)

Academic staff with the ambition to become associate professor are required to obtain the senior qualification. Having a senior position means that, in addition to teaching responsibilities, one has a leading role in the development of the education provided. The Senior Teaching Qualification includes at least the Basic Teaching Qualification requirements, as well as the provision of an educational cv to the assessment committee. The university regularly organises the training 'From BKO to SKO', in which academic staff gain more insight into the criteria for obtaining an SKO. Following this, academic staff can follow a portfolio course, which takes four half-days. For those who wish to do so, there is also the opportunity to take part in a two-day writing retreat which offers a quiet break and guidance for writing the portfolio. Explore the support that's on offer on this page

The qualifications have been specified per faculty and are available via the links below (using a SolisID). 

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