From University Teaching Qualification to Senior Teaching Qualification

How can I work towards a Senior Teaching Qualification (STQ, in Dutch SKO)? What are the criteria for obtaining an STQ? How do I know whether I am already ‘senior’?

For lecturers who want to gain more insight into the criteria for obtaining an STQ, and who want to reflect on their current position, we have a three-part offering:

  1. a half-day introductory meeting
  2. an STQ portfolio track (four long afternoons)
  3. a two-day writing retreat with overnight stay in a hotel.

General information

  • Target group: teachers at Utrecht University
  • Language: the main language (Dutch or English) hasn't been determined yet. Please mention your preference on the registration form.
  • Preferably you start with the introductory meeting, before taking part in the portfolio track or the writing retreat.

More information

For more information, please contact Hetty Grunefeld or Carien Lansink (see below).

Tips & tricks for writing your SKO portfolio

Are you planning to apply for a senior qualification for education? Read the tips en tricks from teachers and for teachers, aimed at easing your thinking and writing process.