Illustration of the working of Crowd-based Requirements Engineering
9 November 2018
Dutch-German research cooperation on crowd-based requirements engineering
Mehdi Dastani
8 November 2018
His research focuses on formal and computational techniques in artificial intelligence.
8 November 2018
A new €5.7 million research project has been set up in order to make lettuce more resistant to pathogens and the effects of climate change.
Ellen Sterk, winnares van de AkzoNobel Afstudeerprijs voor Chemie en Procestechnologie 2018
6 November 2018
The KHMW has named Ellen Sterk as the winner of the AkzoNobel Graduation Prize for Chemistry and Process Technology 2018.
Ralph Meulenbroeks
6 November 2018
On 24 October, the YouTube channel by Ralph Meulenbroeks reached the magic number of one million views.
5 November 2018
A new, fast, and easy way to see whether changes to the recipe or shape of a catalyst have positive or negative effects
1 November 2018
Building bridges to realise biological pharmaceutical therapies
Time Crystal Diffraction
29 October 2018
The results are published in Physical Review Letters.
Prof. Jan Hogendijk, Universiteit Utrecht
17 October 2018
Prof. Jan Hogendijk (Mathematics) has been appointed as one of six members of the Netherlands Board on Research Integrity (LOWI)
8 October 2018
Shutting down this protein complex makes it impossible for the outer membrane to maintain itself, causing the bacteria to die.