5 December 2018
The ice on Greenland is melting faster than at any moment during the last 350 years. This is concluded from a model by Brice Noël (IMAU).
Krijn de Jong
4 December 2018
De Jong is Professor of Inorganic Chemistry and Catalysis at the Debye Institute for Nanomaterials Science at Utrecht University.
Peter Ngene receives NLNG prize
3 December 2018
Inorganic chemist Peter Ngene received the 2018 Nigerian LNG Science Prize for his work on novel materials for energy storage and hydrogen detection.
29 November 2018
Back in time with the Utrecht Time Machine: residents asked to help
Lukas Kapitein
28 November 2018
An ERC Consolidator Grant of two million euros has been awarded to Lukas Kapitein, professor of Molecular and Cellular Biophysics since August 1.
Erik van Sebille
22 November 2018
Oceanographer Erik van Sebille researches things that float in oceans: plastic, but also bacteria, fish and larvae.
Electrons in bonding (left) and non-bonding (right) Sierpiński triangles
12 November 2018
Utrecht physicists build fractal shape out of electrons
Illustration of the working of Crowd-based Requirements Engineering
9 November 2018
Dutch-German research cooperation on crowd-based requirements engineering
Mehdi Dastani
8 November 2018
His research focuses on formal and computational techniques in artificial intelligence.
8 November 2018
A new €5.7 million research project has been set up in order to make lettuce more resistant to pathogens and the effects of climate change.