4 April 2019
Neurobiologists Cátia Frias and Corette Wierenga published their results in Journal of Neuroscience.
Albert Salah
1 April 2019
As of 1 April, Albert Ali Salah is appointed as Professor of Social and Affective Computing at the Department of Information and Computing Sciences.
Felix Kümmerer wint Vliegenthart Scriptieprijs
30 March 2019
Honorable mentions for Biomedical Sciences and Science and Business Management theses
29 March 2019
A team of six students from the Master’s programme Bio-Inspired Innovation is the only European team still in the running for the $100.000 Ray of Hope Prize®.
28 March 2019
Suddenly, labs around the world will be able to investigate the relationship between structure and function of molecules during chemical reactions.
26 March 2019
The chair focuses on understanding the uncertainties of future sea level rise.
26 March 2019
Kim Cohen from Utrecht University was asked by Vrij Nederland magazine to draw a map of the Netherlands as it may appear in the year 2300.
24 March 2019
More control over the postponed release of medicine in a patient’s body opens up the possibility of developing other smart drugs.
19 March 2019
The climate change research programme NESSC has been awarded an additional 1.4 million euros for research of climate change in the past.
19 March 2019
At UniStem Day, 80 high school students got acquainted to stem cell research at Utrecht University, UMCU and the Hubrech Institute.