Education innovation

Utrecht University helps its lecturers to work on the education of the future. Aside from degree programmes and refresher courses, it facilitates innovation for the lecturers themselves.

Money and means for innovative education ideas

‘Communicate!’ is one of the projects that emerged from the Utrecht Education Incentive Fund.

Innovation requires time and money. Utrecht University provides in this by means of the Educatieve Middelen Pool (Dutch), the Teaching Fellowship Programme and the Utrecht Education Incentive Fund. The lecturer as a professional is at the forefront here as the initiator of the innovation.

Centre for Academic Teaching

All initiatives involving education innovation are the responsibility of the Centre for Academic Teaching of Utrecht University. Aside from education innovation, this centre also encourages and facilitates lecturer professionalisation and Scholarship of Teaching & Learning.

Optimally digital with Educate-it

Activating edcuation using the PresentersWall, one of the tools Educate-it puts into action.

A special programme named Educate-it helps lecturers to innovate education, improve it and make it blended. With the help of IT tools, lecturers lift their teaching to a new level.

Experimenting with new forms of education

The light board a good example of innovation at the Teaching & Learning Lab.

The Future Learning Spaces project is experimenting with new concepts to explore how the physical learning environment can contribute to Utrecht's educational vision. Take a look at the website of Future Learning Spaces for an extensive overview.

Education with standing tables, a digital Learning Table, blended education with a Lightboard… It is all possible in the Teaching & Learning Lab. Experimenting with and research into innovative forms of education are at the forefront here.