Utrecht University’s Incluusion is aimed at those students with refugee backgrounds who are currently 'on hold' in emergency shelters, refugee centers or in their new houses. It offers newcomers the opportunity to participate for free in all kinds of courses offered by Utrecht University. Incluusion is a call to action to make use of this waiting period. Refugees with academic backgrounds and proper levels of English are more than welcome to apply.

General contact information
Email: incluusion@uu.nl
Telephone: +31 6 42221448

Press contact
Email: e.valbusa@uu.nl

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How does Incluusion work? Video by Rosa Vendel.


"Meeting people from all kinds of backgrounds has been an enriching and educational experience for all involved. It has stimulated diversity and brought new perspectives into the classroom which have benefited students, teachers and Incluusion participants alike."

- Elena Valbusa, co-founder of Incluusion

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Het team van Incluusion.
23 October 2019
Over 300 refugee students, either with or without asylum statuses, have enrolled at Utrecht University through Incluusion.
Asmahan Mahmoud en Elaheh (Ella) Akin
6 May 2019
InclUsion enables refugees to study at Utrecht University, but what should you do if you can't pay the travel costs to Utrecht?
De sol: het logo van de Universiteit Utrecht.
26 March 2019
The Incluusion programme gives refugee students the opportunity to enrol in university education.
Incluusion student screenshot
10 December 2018
Student refugees tell us what studying, through the Incluusion programme of Utrecht University has meant for them.
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19 November 2018
The Executive Board signs 19 November, along with other higher-education institutions, the intention declaration of the UN treaty on accessibility.




6 March 2020 10:00 - 22:00
Friday 6 March, Utrecht University celebrates International Women's Day with a variety of events for students, employees and alumni.