Utrecht University’s Incluusion is aimed at those students with refugee backgrounds who are currently 'on hold' in emergency shelters, refugee centers or in their new houses. It offers newcomers the opportunity to participate for free in all kinds of courses offered by Utrecht University. Incluusion is a call to action to make use of this waiting period. Refugees with academic backgrounds and proper levels of English are more than welcome to apply.

General contact information
Email: incluusion@uu.nl
Telephone: +31 6 42221448

Press contact
Email: e.valbusa@uu.nl

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Meeting people from all kinds of backgrounds has been an enriching and educational experience for all involved. It has stimulated diversity and brought new perspectives into the classroom which have benefited students, teachers and Incluusion participants alike.
De initiatiefnemers van InclUUsion: Hilke Grootelaar, Marij Swinkels en Elena Valbusa.
Co-founder of Incluusion
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Een student van InclUUsion en buddy-student.
23 January 2018
Anton Pijpers of Utrecht University and Alderman Kees Diepeveen sign a collaboration agreement in order to improve the integration of refugees in Utrecht.
Student met aziatisch uiterlijk in een Nederlandse collegezaal
4 January 2018
By doing courses via Incluusion, several refugees have already been admitted to full master's programmes educated by Dutch universities.
Vluchtelinstudent Yves met Elena, Marij en Hilke van Incluusion
20 June 2017
refugees have the opportunity to study at Utrecht University. What do students and lecturers think about the idea?
Gemigreerde studenten.
15 March 2017
Thanks to participating in the courses and the use of a buddy system, refugees get the opportunity to get involved in higher education.
Societal Impact Award
12 January 2017
Read more about this year's winner's of the Societal Impact Award of the Faculty of Law, Economics and Governance.