Graduate School of Teaching

All teacher training programmes and education minors at Utrecht University are taught at the interfaculty Graduate School of Teaching.

Programmes taught in Dutch

The Graduate School of Teaching offers one- and two-year Master’s programmes.

In addition to Master’s programmes, the Graduate School of Teaching also offers an Education Minor and Module, an Educational Profile and a Lateral Entry into Teaching programme through which you can obtain your teaching qualification.

Programmes taught in English

Science Education and Communication

In this programme, you will gain theoretical insights and practical skills in both formal and informal educational practices. Your science discipline will be put in a broader societal perspective, and you will develop your own views on how your discipline should be relevant to secondary education and to the public at large.


U-TEAch is a selective international oriented honours track which provides extra enrichment to the regular Teacher Education. The course focuses on teaching in bilingual and international schools, and includes an internship abroad in which students live and teach abroad. U-TEAch is available for the following school subjects: Art History (ckv), Biology, Chemistry, Civics Dutch, Economics, English, French, Geography, History, Mathematics, Physics, Religious Studies and  Spanish.

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