UU Honours College of Utrecht University

The UU Honours College offers motivated students the opportunity to enroll in an extra challenging and inspiring cross-faculty education programme besides their regular programmes. This education programme has a strong interdisciplinary character. Innovative ideas come about by working together and paying attention to different insights from various disciplines, innovative ideas come about. Besides that, the UU Honours College offers lecturers the opportunity to professionalise themselves in honours education.


Email: honourscollege@uu.nl

Phone number: ​+31 30 253 4502

Address: Janskerkhof 14A, room 103 and 104, Utrecht

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The UU Honours College is a central location for university-wide, interdisciplinary honours education and functions as an experimental ground for educational reform.

Staff of the UU Honours College

The staff of the UU Honours College consists of:

Plakkaat: Proud member of the Utrecht University Honours Community.

Honours news

18 October 2018
Tijdens de Opening van het Academisch Honours Jaar op maandag 15 oktober is dr. Adri Thomas verkozen tot Honoursdocent van het Jaar.
25 April 2018
Pilot Beatrice de Graaf: 'Discussing terrorism in the classroom'
Sol in glas in lood
8 February 2018
On Tuesday, Rector Magnificus Bert van der Zwaan completed the official opening of the UU Honours College for interdisciplinary education.




28 May 2019 20:00 - 21:30
How can we apply Bellingcat's methods to more effectively speak truth to power on a local level? With Eliot Higgins.