For its most talented and ambitious students Utrecht University provides Honours programmes that offer an additional challenge.

The Honours programmes at Utrecht University do not just offer more of the same, but a different form of education that allows for for greater depth.

Honours programmes offer a different form of education that allows for greater depth


Honours students deepen their focus within their chosen discipline. At the same time, they also develop in a broader sense, to become excellent academics capable of approaching complex issues simultaneously from multiple perspectives. A Utrecht Honours programme has elements that help students to both deepen and broaden their knowledge. A part of the programme is followed within the Major and the rest is followed outside it.


Honours programmes are demand-driven: which means that students are largely free to design their own Honours programme, so that individual talents and ambitions can be optimally developed.

Honoursstudenten overleggen in werkgroep
Young Leaders League (YLL), Honours programme at Utrecht University


Students and lecturers together form an Honours community, where they inspire and encourage one another. Students have ample freedom to exercise their own initiative, and participation in extracurricular activities strengthens the Honours community.


An internationally-oriented job market requires academics and global citizens who are capable of looking beyond national and cultural boundaries and operating at an international level. This is why Honours students focus on gaining international experience as part of their Honours programme.