The educational model

The programmes offer personal, activating and, where possible, a small-group learning experience and good supervision.

All education at Utrecht University is embedded in a vision based on a stimulating study environment and teaching that does justice to the various ambitions and talents of our students. This vision forms the basis for the way in which education is organised at Utrecht University: the Utrecht Educational Model.

The four main principles of the Utrecht Educational Model

A clear distinction between the Bachelor's and Master's phase

The aim of undergraduate studies at Utrecht University is to train up academics with a broad focus at the Bachelor's level, who can go on to specialise in a specific discipline during their Master's degree programme. The emphasis is on preparation for the labour market or advancement to a subsequent academic programme. 

Flexibility and freedom of choice

In order to do justice to our students' wide variety of ambitions and talents, the undergraduate phase at Utrecht University is demand driven: alongside a uniform compulsory core curriculum, students are free to put together their own educational programme within the rules laid down by the degree programme regarding level and cohesion. This principle also allows the university to offer honours programmes for students who are seeking an additional challenge.

Personal and activating

Utrecht University aspires for its students to get the most out of themselves during their time at the university. The programmes offer personal, activating and, where possible, a small-group learning experience and good supervision. We expect our students to show engagement and commitment to their degree programme.

Professional development of lecturers

Good teaching is provided by excellent lecturers who are enabled to improve their teaching and to innovate. Teaching qualifications play an important role in the academic career of lecturers at Utrecht University.

Education guidelines

Utrecht University's complete vision on education is laid down in Education Guidelines (PDF). A process of internal certification is used to assess all study programmes with regard to these guidelines. Certification is a requirement for inclusion in the University Register of Study Programmes.

Strategic plan

The educational vision of Utrecht University is described in more detail in the Strategic Plan. This document also contains information about the performance agreements.