Tasks of the UU Honours College

The UU Honours College carries out various tasks in the field of honours education within Utrecht University.

These tasks consist of the following:

  • Carrying out interdisciplinary cross-faculty honours education on Bachelor's and Master's levels;
  • Initiating new activities involving university-wide honours education;
  • Initiating and maintaining the knowledge network within and outside Utrecht University in the field of honours education, both nationally and internationally;
  • Taking the initiative for further designing and developing honours education of Utrecht University in consultation with the faculties;
  • Administrative support of the university-wide honours education;
  • Initiator of honours options for internationalisation and societal services that are accessible to students of all faculties.

Honours community

The UU Honours College also organises and stimulates a university-wide honours community for all current honours students, alumni and lecturers.


The education programmes of the UU Honours College are accessible to all students of Utrecht University.

Plakkaat: Proud member of the Utrecht University Honours Community.

Honours news

Heleen van der Veen
18 March 2019
Heleen van der Veen, third-year student at the College of Pharmaceutical Sciences, was presented with a ZonMW Young Investigator Award.
18 October 2018
Tijdens de Opening van het Academisch Honours Jaar op maandag 15 oktober is dr. Adri Thomas verkozen tot Honoursdocent van het Jaar.
25 April 2018
Pilot Beatrice de Graaf: 'Discussing terrorism in the classroom'