Tasks of the UU Honours College

The UU Honours College carries out various tasks in the field of honours education within Utrecht University.

These tasks consist of the following:

  • Carrying out interdisciplinary cross-faculty honours education on Bachelor's and Master's levels;
  • Initiating new activities involving university-wide honours education;
  • Initiating and maintaining the knowledge network within and outside Utrecht University in the field of honours education, both nationally and internationally;
  • Taking the initiative for further designing and developing honours education of Utrecht University in consultation with the faculties;
  • Administrative support of the university-wide honours education;
  • Initiator of honours options for internationalisation and societal services that are accessible to students of all faculties.

Honours community

The UU Honours College also organises and stimulates a university-wide honours community for all current honours students, alumni and lecturers.


The education programmes of the UU Honours College are accessible to all students of Utrecht University.