Every year, thousands of international students come to Utrecht to participate in English-language academic Bachelor's and Master's programmes. Utrecht University offers students an international environment, with hundreds of exchange programmes and Europe's largest Summer School. In addition, a large number of students from Utrecht go abroad to study.

International learning environment

Utrecht University offers an extensive range of English-language academic programmes, including Bachelor's programmes, over eighty Master's programmes and over 200 courses for exchange students. Top lecturers are regularly recruited from abroad to teach these programmes. All of this also creates an inspiring international learning environment for the university's Dutch students.

Utrecht Summer School

In the summer, Utrecht University offers a special selection of courses for international students in the framework of the Utrecht Summer School (in cooperation with the University of Applied Sciences Utrecht and the University of the Arts Utrecht). In 2017, the Utrecht Summer School attracted over 4000 students from over 120 different countries. European credits according to the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) are awarded for most of the courses.

Studying abroad

With more than 100 partners throughout the world, Utrecht University offers students the opportunity to participate in international exchanges or international internships. The student site contains detailed information about studying abroad.

Utrecht University cooperates with many international partner universities, including the University of California. Most exchange agreements in Europe are established in the framework of the Erasmus+ programme, funded by the European Commission. The Erasmus+ programme also includes joint programmes like the  Erasmus Mundus programme and the European University Alliance CHARM-EU.

Grading Tables

With the introduction of the Grading Tables for Bachelor's and Master's students at Utrecht University, these students can more easily qualify for foreign Master's and PhD programmes, grant applications or job application procedures.

Hereby, Utrecht University complies with the guidelines of the European Commission for international student mobility.

English programmes