Teaching fellows

The Teaching Fellowship Programme is an initiative by Utrecht University designed to reward excellence and promote the quality of education. The programme was launched in 2011, when the first group of eight Teaching Fellows was selected.

Educational innovation

Each of the Teaching Fellows carries out a project aimed at improving the quality of education within their faculty. They receive a grant of 5,000 euros, which they can spend at their discretion in the context of their project.

Teaching Fellows 2012 - 2014

Wieger Bakker (Law, Economics and Governance), project: Reducing drop-out rates: programme retention, supervision and academic integration

Jacco Farla (Geosciences), project: Reforming the Honours College: ‘Leadership in Geoscience’

Robert Favier (Veterinary Medicine), project: The introduction of programmatic assessment of the Master’s phase in the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Utrecht University: from paper to practice

Gerrit Heil (Science), project: Educational innovation through Context-Concept teaching method

Christel Lutz (University College Utrecht), project: Connecting the strategic areas of research focus at Utrecht University with the education at University College Utrecht

Eggo Müller (Humanities), project: Honours tracks in the humanities between science, knowledge valorisation and the job market

Bernadette van de Rijt (Social Sciences), project: A good start is the key to success?

Teaching Fellows 2011 - 2013

Ria van der Lecq (Humanities), project: From TCS to Liberal Arts

Tine Béneker (Geosciences), project: Teaching profile for communication & education

Frank van der Salm (Law, Economics and Governance), project: Student satisfaction and education quality

Susan te Pas (Social Sciences), project: Creating a teaching environment where knowledge-sharing and cooperating on educational innovation come naturally

Robin van den Boom (Veterinary Medicine), project: The route towards integration of theory and practice

Tineke Westerveld (Medicine), project: Multi-professional educational innovation

Johan Jeuring (Science), project: Faculty-based testing and testing policy

Guus de Krom (University College Utrecht), project: Improving differentiation and integration of skills teaching at University College Utrecht