Training and other education

Utrecht University encourages learning in the broadest sense of the term. In addition to its regular academic programmes, Utrecht University also offers students, employees and other interested parties a wide selection of short courses and other academic programmes.

Free programme

In addition to the degree programmes offered by the university, there is the possibility to compile a so-called "free programme".

Studium Generale

Man en vrouw overleggen tijdens een bijeenkomst van Studium Generale

Studium Generale organises knowledge cafes, symposiums, lectures and debates in which students, lecturers and other interested parties can learn about a wide range of fields of study.

Education for entrepreneurship

Overleggende ondernemers.

By following specific courses or internships, students and other interested parties can prepare themselves for a career as an entrepreneur. In addition, various facilities and forms of supervision are available for starting entrepreneurs.

Educational Consultancy & Professional Development

Onderwijsadvies en training.

Educational Consultancy & Professional Development offers customised advice on education-related issues and the professionalisation of employees. This service serves institutions of primary, secondary and higher education, as well as other organisations with professionalisation-related issues.


Een student geeft uitleg tijdens een hoorcollege van het James Boswell Instituut op de Uithof.

Babel is a Utrecht-based language institute founded in 1983. Babel offers language training courses for individuals, companies and non-profit organisations. Utrecht University is a partner of Babel.

Higher education for older people

Oudere studenten in overleg

HOVO (Higher Education for Older People, website in Dutch only) offers courses and lectures for senior citizens at the level of university and higher professional education (hbo). The main target groups are people who want to discover a new field of study and people who want to be catch up on new developments in their field of study.